A real kindly old man
The Helmsman of Ocean-Star
Waitress in the restaurant of Ocean-Star
A waitress with a phat hair-style. She is tender and careful !
Jack and Rose
A couple that always appears together in game.
Lives in no-man's island for 28 years by himself !
The villager of Ke-Lan village, he is good at cooking !
The villager of Ke-Lan village, she is a botanical expert !
What a blind passion guy he is, players can help him deal with some troubles !
A girl who sells flowers and also knows lots about flowers
The daughter of chief of Ke-Lan village who is a warrior.
A little girl who needs help.
The priest of Christ village
He has a kindly heart, but can't get away from authority !
Sister Fiona
Struggle with religion and the one she loves !
Magellan, Portuguese
An explorer with great experience of sailing. He is the first person who circled the earth.
Zheng-He, Chinese
7 times of sailings done by Zheng-He opens the sailing generation of China. Goods, medicines and knowledge of geography at that stage rapidly import into China.
Captain Cook, English
One of the greatest explorer and map-drawer in English history. AndHe is also the first European who stepped on east coast of Australia andHawaii.
Columbus, Navigator
He was influenced by Marco Polo when he was a kid. And he is theone who found the American continent.
Captain Teach
Leader of pirate, sailed a ship called Queen Anne's Revenge and fought with English Royal Navy.
Maya Rocketeer
An air vehicle on the wall-painting appears in ancient Maya.
Brave Maya Warrior
Decoration with colorful feathers on head and lance in hands.
Creature from outer space.
Clay Doll
Weird-looking clay doll but with great hardness. The way of production exceeds the technology at that stage.
Wandered Swordsman
Wanders whole world based on his own martial art.
It is said that he is the husband of Chang-E. Good at arrow skill. Heshot 9 suns in a row in order to save people's lives in the world.
Player's characters
NPC in game